How do I know if I am required to provide bicycle parking and how much?

We can help you to navigate the requirements and regulations for residential and commercial developments so that you are in compliance with city code.

How can I maximize the number of bicycles in my designated parking area?

Once we have completed a detailed initial consultation, we will use that information to create a floor plan for you with type of rack and maximum number of bicycles.

There is so much bicycle theft in buildings. How can I make my bicycle parking room secure?

We have many solutions to make your bicycle parking room safe and secure. All of our racks are “locking racks” meaning that the cyclist can lock their bike to the rack with a bike lock. We also have solutions for secure entry into the parking area in addition to the locking racks.

What amenities besides bike racks can I include in my bicycle parking room and how do I know what to include?

We will work with you to determine amenities based on the type of cyclist that will use the parking area and type of building (residential or commercial).

How can I be sure of the quality of the racks that you use?

We partner with the Saris Cycling Group. They manufacture the highest quality home, car and commercial bicycle storage racks in the industry. All of their products are manufactured in Wisconsin.